The Coyote Life


The coyote-life looks lonely and tired. Always hungry and on the prowl. Sounds exhausting! There’s a human version of this life. It’s the relentless pursuit of the next big score, which can be almost anything — recognition at work or school, a pay-out, a big break, a promotion, even a BOGO coupon! Remember the story of the feeding of the five thousand? Jesus wanted the crowd to see the abundance of God’s Kingdom; instead, He got a band of followers who tracked him down for another free lunch. How does anyone mistake the Kingdom for a crust of bread? It’s easy, when living is replaced by survival. Living is joyful, challenging and meaningful. Survival is dreary, droning and depleting. Here’s a directive from Jesus for anyone tired of coyote living: “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life.” (John 6:27, NIV) In other words, turn your gaze away from the next big score and look instead to Jesus. Why? Because life with Jesus is the end of “coyote living” and the beginning of friendship with God. Loneliness is exchanged for relationship, emptiness for hopefulness, and searching for satisfaction.

Includes sermon outline and summary.

Format 8 ½ X 11 PDF