Money Versus Wisdom? It’s No Contest


Shelters protect us from the howling wind and the blazing sun. When money is a shelter, it can be used to shield us from homelessness and starvation. That’s a good thing! But money’s shelter has obvious limits because people with the most money still die. And though their money can still shelter the living, once it fades so does its protection. So, what’s a better shelter than money? Try wisdom. Solomon did.

Wisdom’s shelter extends beyond the grave and bridges the span between now and eternity. If you’re thinking this sounds like Jesus, you’re on the right track. The Apostle Paul puts it plainly: “Jesus has become for us wisdom from God.” (1 Corinthians 1:30, NIV) In His name, whatever is meaningless and hopeless about your living find cover in him. Even if your money runs out, Jesus’ shelter never will.

Includes sermon outline and summary.

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