Giving From Your IRA

Info Sheet

Provide your church members with easy-to-understand information on giving from their IRA. Using clear and concise language, this resource covers the primary benefits and requirements of a qualified charitable distribution, and it answers frequently asked questions.

Format: Full color, 8 ½ x 11 double sided

This insert sheet is made available to Christian Reformed churches at no cost because of the CRCNA’s partnership with Barnabas Foundation. ... 

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What Financially Struggling Families Need to Hear

It’s one of those impossible conversations. A family from your church is near financial ruin with crushing debt and dwindling income streams. Things are desperate and they’re turning to your church. 

Financial literacy tools and resources will help… but you understand there’s more to this problem than just dollars and cents.  

Where do you begin? 

Rev. Phil Leo hosts Megan Pacheo and Kasia Tunnell, owners of Better Three Group, to discuss the spiritual dimensions of financial struggle.

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Financial Shalom

Barnabas Foundation also partners with the Christian Reformed Church of North America to provide additional training, tools and resources for pastors and churches through the Financial Shalom project.