Generosity's Ripple Effect

The Ongoing Impact of Rich and Ann

For Rich and Ann, giving generously wasn’t about fulfilling obligations. Instead, their whole lifestyle was one of generosity.

Sharing meals with church visitors at their home.

Providing jobs for immigrants at the family business.

Visiting shut-ins, singing and bringing them homemade applesauce and other treats.

Writing checks for families that had fallen on hard times.

Rich and Ann gave often and generously in everyday ways.

Tithing was of particular importance for their family. “We all understood that this was a first priority,” recalls their daughter Anna Mae. “I have the image of dad sitting at his desk every weekend, putting cash into envelopes for the general fund, the building fund, Christian Education and benevolence. On Sunday mornings, he would personally deliver each envelope to our church.”

This practice was actively shared with all four of their children: Anna Mae, Ruth, Betty and David. “Dad was never shy about talking about tithing and how important it was to put God’s causes first. And if there was money left over for spending on other things, well and good. If there wasn’t, well, that’s just the way it was.”

“From the time I was in fifth grade and babysitting, my first dime of every dollar had to go to a charitable cause,” remembers Anna Mae. “This was ingrained in all of us from the very beginning. We gave the first tithe, first amount to church.”

Even in their will, Rich and Ann were careful to reflect giving as a priority.

After Rich and Ann went to be with the Lord, 10 percent of their estate value was designated to nine organizations through Barnabas Foundation.

One gift was directed to their church, for the purpose of purchasing video equipment to enable shut-ins to watch recordings of worship services. “Our mom would have loved to have this after she moved into an assisted living facility. She really missed her home church.”

The gifts in their wills stand as a testimony to Rich and Ann’s legacy of gratitude and generosity.

Their children testify, “We applaud them for their example of faith and generosity and we try to follow in their footsteps. Our parents continue to bless others. We trust their gifts will have a ripple effect for many years to come.”

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