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How Doing Nothing Can
Say Everything

Some people gain notoriety for what they didn’t do. For instance, Pythagoras didn’t discover the Pythagorean Theorem. People had been using it for at least a thousand years before he was even born. Pythagoras just named it!

Then there’s the third steward from Jesus’ parable of the bags of gold. Remember him? While the first and second stewards turned profits from the gold entrusted to them, the third steward didn’t grow the value of his money. Instead, he buried it.

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The Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make When it Comes to Giving

For most churches, giving is framed by the annual budget. No matter the size or kind, any gift made towards the year-end goal gets lumped together. It’s all giving.

But church leaders have to think differently. Any thought of expanding ministry requires a plan to pay for it. This means finding new ways to think and talk about giving.

For starters, here’s a few points to ponder…

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Open Hands, Open Hearts

Practical, Spirit-Led Giving Through the Stewards Fund In a time of financial hardship, God’s truth never seemed so clear. It was early in 2008, and Andrea was participating in a course on the biblical view…

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