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What It’s Really Like to Have It All

Know a person who “has it all”? Got a name? A face?

What else can be said about a person who only gets green lights and open doors? It seems they always have more followers, dollars and points than you.

Deep down, you don’t really believe any singular person has it all. So, why do we still let that person bug us?

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Friendships And Kingdom Service

If you want to catch the Ottens, you’d better call early in the morning. Each at the age of 90, Roger and Audrey are on the move every day.

Connecting and investing in the community is how the Ottens have spent their 67 years of married life together.

“We think it’s important,” states Rog.

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How Much To Keep

“It’s not about how much should we give, but how much should we keep.”

This is how Jack and Mary Ann Byeman explain why generosity has never been determined by how much or how little they have. From the very beginning – regardless of their circumstances – they’ve been guided by their Scripture-based belief that it all belongs to God.

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Sweetness from the Struggle

Tom and Dee Little, Stewards Fund Clients Retired and blessed with an ever-expanding family, Tom and Dee Little know they are living the good life. They enjoy travelling together whenever they can, especially to take…

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