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Unanimously Different

How the Stewards Fund Enables Randy and Martika Gartman to Support What’s Most Important

Ask anyone who knows Randy and Martika Gartman, and you’ll hear how different they are — in almost every way.

He’s quiet. She’s outspoken.

He keeps to himself. She knows no strangers.

He’s from Wisconsin. She’s from Virginia.

Martika’s been on a wild professional journey driven by her passions. She’s interned at the White House, served as a member of a governor’s personal staff, lobbied for the Medical Society of Virginia as well as a Fortune 500 insurance company, and she’s served as an assistant attorney general. Today, she captures images of people and real estate from behind the lens of camera.

Randy, president of Evenhouse & Co., has been an accountant his entire career because (he jokes), “the Iowa basic skills test said that’s what I should be.”

Dig a little deeper, however, and the Gartmans’ similarities and loving dependence on one another quickly becomes apparent.

Martika credits Randy’s business acumen for the success and growth of Martika Photography, LLC, which they co-own. “He does the books and helps me make day-to-day business decisions,” she says. “Sometimes he helps me on shoots. I couldn’t have built this business without him.” ... 

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Mission-Focused Giving

Generosity for the Sake of the Gospel

July 17, 1975 is permanently stamped into Steve Chittenden’s memory as the most important day in his personal history. ... 

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