The Banker Who Hated Money

For someone who began a banking career at age 17, Elanor sure had a low opinion of money.

“I hated it,” she explains. “Customers were so rude, and the more money they had, the ruder they were!”

Then Elanor came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Slowly, her perspective on wealth began to change as she took in the biblical preaching at her church. She began to see how all her possessions belonged to God – including her money.

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Um, Church. Here’s the Memo You Missed

This is awkward but…your church missed a memo.

Maybe it never got sent or um, well, your church just missed it. Either way, what matters is you’re here now, and I have the memo to show you.

Ready for it? Here goes…

Memo: Planned gifts enable your members to give far beyond the offering plate, for current and future ministry.

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