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Generosity Today

Generosity Today is a quarterly publication for your church, designed to inspire generosity and educate your congregation about smart and powerful ways they can support your church beyond the offering plate.


#44 The People In Your Plan
Listen to #44 The People In Your Plan

Your completed estate plan includes a variety of people who will carry out your wishes and become the next stewards of your God-given resources.

Listen as Barnabas Foundation’s Adam Lopez, J.D., discusses how to define the recipients and stewards of your estate to make the greatest impact.

#43 Gifts That Pay Income
Listen to #43 Gifts That Pay Income

Listen as Barnabas Foundation’s Jim Bakke, J.D., discusses how lifetime giving options can benefit your members’ favorite Kingdom causes while caring for the needs of their families.

Please note: If you'd like to share video and audio recordings of this event with your members, direct them to this public page:

#42 Giving Stock and Marketable Securities
Listen to #42 Giving Stock and Marketable Securities

Do you have appreciated stock or other securities that you’ve owned for at least a year? Adam Lopez, director of planning, and Kurt Knoll, director of member relations, discuss why marketable securities are a much more cost-effective giving option than cash.

#41 Giving From An IRA
Listen to #41 Giving From An IRA

Amy Bakker Baty, director of planning and Kurt Knoll, director of member relations discuss how if you are 70 ½ and older, you can make a sizeable gift from your individual retirement account (IRA) to ministry and reduce your taxable income.

#40 Giving Real Estate and Business Gifts
Listen to #40 Giving Real Estate and Business Gifts

Nathan Osborn, managing director of planning services discusses how you can  give more to ministry than you ever thought possible! You can redirect a business or property you no longer need or want to manage toward Kingdom purposes, and experience significant tax benefits in return.

# 39 Giving Cryptocurrency
Listen to # 39 Giving Cryptocurrency

Travis Morrow, director of planning shares how you can convert virtual investments into real, tax-wise Kingdom impact by giving cryptocurrency to ministry!

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