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Generosity Today

Generosity Today is a quarterly publication for your church, designed to inspire generosity and educate your congregation about smart and powerful ways they can support your church beyond the offering plate.


#32 Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry
Listen to #32 Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry

When it comes to planned gifts, many church leaders believe their church might be too small, too young, or too old to receive these kinds of donations. Or perhaps, there isn't anyone in the congregation that knows how to make such a gift. What would it be like if your church overcame these obstacles? What if it were easy to promote and receive more planned gifts for your church’s ministry? Join Phil Leo and Cindi Riemersma, Barnabas Foundation's client service administrator, as they discuss "Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry."

#31 Fact Check: Debunking Myths About Gifts in a Will
Listen to #31 Fact Check: Debunking Myths About Gifts in a Will

Try your fact-checking prowess on some commonly held assumptions about members who leave a gift in their will to your church:

  • Only wealthy members make gifts in a will.
  • Church members don’t want to hear from their pastor about leaving a gift in their will.
  • A gift in a will is the only way to make a significant contribution.
  • Church members give less while they’re alive if they plan a gift in their will.

In this episode, Phil Leo, church communications director, and Nathan Osborn, managing director of planning at Barnabas Foundation, discuss “Fact Check: Debunking Myths About Gifts In A Will.”

#30 Why Vision Is Not Your Problem
Listen to #30 Why Vision Is Not Your Problem

Who’s responsible for church vision?

Too often leaders bear the mantle of church vision alone, as if it depends entirely them. In reality, healthy vision is broadly owned by both church members and leaders.

So, what does it take to sow seeds for grassroots vision at your church? How might the work of church vision change if it were shared? 

Join Phil Leo and Jodi Koeman, church with community coordinator for World Renew. As they discuss the potential for broadly owned vision at your church.

#29 Is Bivocational Ministry Right for Me?
Listen to #29 Is Bivocational Ministry Right for Me?

What excites you about bivocational ministry? What gives you pause? What are the nagging questions you have?

Bring your questions and join Phil Leo online with Nathan Rauh-Bieri, program manager for the CRCNA’s Financial Shalom program. They'll discuss the possibilities and potential pitfalls of bivocational ministry.

#28 Giving Commodities and other Assets
Listen to #28 Giving Commodities and other Assets

In this conversation, Cindi Riemersma (client services administrator) and Kurt Knoll (director of member relations and investments) share how by gifting commodities – such as grains, soybeans, corn, fruits, nuts and even livestock – or equipment to ministry, you can achieve greater Kingdom impact and experience personal tax savings. 

#27 Giving Real Estate and Business Gifts
Listen to #27 Giving Real Estate and Business Gifts

Give more to ministry than you ever thought possible by gifting real estate or business interest! In this conversation, Kurt Knoll,  (director of member relations and investments) and Cindi Riemersma (client services administrator) share how you can redirect a business or property you no longer need or want to manage toward Kingdom purposes, and experience  significant tax benefits in return.

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