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Generosity Today

Generosity Today is a quarterly publication for your church, designed to inspire generosity and educate your congregation about smart and powerful ways they can support your church beyond the offering plate.


#26 Giving From An IRA
Listen to #26 Giving From An IRA

If you are 70 ½ and older, you can make a sizeable gift from your individual retirement account (IRA) to ministry and reduce your taxable income. In this conversation, Cindi Riemersma (client services administrator) and Kurt Knoll (director of member relations and investments)  share all the specifics of this simple and popular giving option.

#25 Giving Marketable Securities
Listen to #25 Giving Marketable Securities

Do you have appreciated stock or other securities that you’ve owned for at least a year? In this video, Cindi Riemersma, client services administrator, explains why marketable securities are a much more cost-effective giving option than cash.

#24 Five Reasons Your Church Members Don't Have A Will
Listen to #24 Five Reasons Your Church Members Don't Have A Will

Completing a will is intensely personal for members at your church. So why should it matter to you if they’ve completed one or not?

Because a completed will is the only way legacy gifts from members who are passionate about your church’s ministry can be made. It’s a big deal!

Join me online as Phil Leo hosts Steve Baker, senior estate planner for Barnabas Foundation, to discuss common obstacles your church members encounter when it comes to completing a will.

#23 5 Leadership Qualities For a Financially Healthy Church
Listen to #23 5 Leadership Qualities For a Financially Healthy Church

The financially healthy church is typically associated with a million-dollar budget and a dream endowment. Truth is, financially healthy churches result when leaders display key qualities that have nothing to do with dollars and cents!

Phil Leo hosts John Bolt, director of finances and operations for CRCNA, to discuss the difference leaders make when it comes to a church's financial health.

#22 What Financially Struggling Families Need to Hear
Listen to #22 What Financially Struggling Families Need to Hear

It’s one of those impossible conversations. A family from your church is near financial ruin with crushing debt and dwindling income streams. Things are desperate and they’re turning to your church.

Financial literacy tools and resources will help... but you understand there’s more to this problem than just dollars and cents.

Where do you begin?

Rev. Phil Leo hosts Megan Pacheo and Kasia Tunnell, owners of Better Three Group, to discuss the spiritual dimensions of financial struggle.

#21 Preparing for Your Church’s Next Budget Free Fall
Listen to #21 Preparing for Your Church’s Next Budget Free Fall

Rev. Phil Leo and Cindi Riemersma, client services administrator for Barnabas Foundation, discuss big-picture strategies for protecting your church budget during times of crisis.

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