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Generosity Today

Generosity Today is a quarterly publication for your church, designed to inspire generosity and educate your congregation about smart and powerful ways they can support your church beyond the offering plate.


#37 7 Reasons to Review Your Will
Listen to #37 7 Reasons to Review Your Will

Invite your church to listen in as Barnabas Foundation’s managing director of planning, Nathan Osborn, J.D. and Kurt Knoll, director of member services discuss some of the most common reasons that warrant an update to your will or trust.

If you’d like to share video and audio recordings of this event with your members, direct them to this public page:

#36 No-Brainer, Game-Changer: Gifts In A Will
Listen to #36 No-Brainer, Game-Changer: Gifts In A Will

You know a game-changer when you see one. Game-changers flip the playing field and re-write the rules of the game. When it comes to money for your church’s ministry, there’s a no-brainer, game-changer and it’s called “gifts in a will.” Rev. Phil Leo and Mike LeFebre, Stewardship Leader at Immanuel CRC (Hudsonville, MI), discuss the easiest ways to receive gifts in a will, common obstacles and how to overcome them.

#35 Money Problems We Lose Sleep Over
Listen to #35 Money Problems We Lose Sleep Over

Money problems got you losing sleep? In this episode, Barnabas Foundation's Phil Leo and John Bolt, Director of Finance and Operations for the Christian Reformed Church, discuss: “Money Problems We Lose Sleep Over."

In addition to common money problems church leaders face, both personally and professionally, they cover all of the resources available for you and your church. 

#34 Giving Real Estate
Listen to #34 Giving Real Estate

Do you have real estate you no longer need or care to manage? You can reduce your costs and headaches by giving all or part of it to ministry. 

Join Barnabas Foundation’s Steve Baker, J.D. (director of planning) and Kurt Knoll (director of member relations and investments) for practical tips on giving real estate to Kingdom causes. 

#33 Who Cares About a Donor Advised Fund?
Listen to #33 Who Cares About a Donor Advised Fund?

Who really cares about a donor-advised fund? Turns out the members of your church do! Want to get the inside scoop on donor-advised funds and how they benefit your church? Phil Leo and Steve Chittenden, Stewards Fund (Barnabas Foundation’s donor-advised fund) owner and faithful church supporter, discuss "Who Cares About a Donor-Advised Fund?"

#32 Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry
Listen to #32 Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry

When it comes to planned gifts, many church leaders believe their church might be too small, too young, or too old to receive these kinds of donations. Or perhaps, there isn't anyone in the congregation that knows how to make such a gift. What would it be like if your church overcame these obstacles? What if it were easy to promote and receive more planned gifts for your church’s ministry? Join Phil Leo and Cindi Riemersma, Barnabas Foundation's client service administrator, as they discuss "Funding Hacks to Pay for Ministry."

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